We specialize in artisan buttercream wedding cakes with the highest quality ingredients. Following the precise European techniques that have made Parisian and Viennese patisseries legendary, our confections are handcrafted with respect for our ingredients and our customers alike. A great deal of time is spent seeking out wonderful products from around the world to use in our bakeshop. Jackson Cake Co. also strives to be environmentally sensitive and responsible. Whenever possible we use certified organic and sustainably produced ingredients.


Seasonal Wedding Cake Offerings —


Spiced Cardamom Buttermilk Cake

filled with cappuccino buttercream and bittersweet chocolate ganache

Dark Chocolate Cake

filled with moroccan orange buttercream and candied ginger chocolate ganache 

Dark Chocolate or Vanilla cake

with bourbon caramel salted buttercream

Parisian Love Cake Champagne Cake

filled with pistachio and white chocolate rose petal buttercream

Almond Chai Spiced Crème Fraiche Cake

filled with lavender scented huckleberry buttercream


Black and Sage Tea Milk Cake

filled with blackberry and Wyoming honey buttercream

Almond Butter Cake

filled with blueberry compote and yogurt buttercream

‘Cake Donut’ Cake

filled with cinnamon buttercream

Lavender Infused Vanilla Cake

with wildflower honey buttercream 

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 Beyond wedding cakes, we are a bakeshop that also specializes in cakes for special events, cupcakes, chocolates, pies, cookies and more. We love being creative so bring us your ideas and custom flavors.